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Applied Physics Seminar

Tuesday March 24, 2015 12:00 PM

Integrated Quantum Light-Matter Interfaces Based on Ensembles of Rare-Earth Ions

Speaker: Erhan Saglamyurek, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Calgary, Canada
Location: Steele 102
Cryogenically cooled rare-earth ion doped solid-state systems are promising platforms for photonic quantum information processing. Their long coherence times on optical and spin transitions, their very large acceptance bandwidths as well their potentially scalable integration with other photonic technologies make them attractive for several applications including quantum repeaters, optical quantum computers and multiplexed quantum networks [1].
In this seminar I will summarize our progress towards developing quantum light-matter interfaces based on rare-earth ion doped integrated devices. In the first half of my talk, I will present our optical quantum memory implementation in a thulium doped lithium niobate waveguide [2]. With an emphasis on the requirement of quantum repeaters I will give an overview of our key experimental demonstrations, including storage of photonic entanglement, Hong-Ou-Mandel interference after storage and feed-forward controlled multiplexed storage. I will also show that our integrated device can be turned into a programmable atomic processor for arbitrary manipulation of photonic quantum states encoded in time and frequency [3]. In the second half of my talk, I will present a telecom-wavelength light-matter interface in an erbium-doped optical fiber [4]. I will show our recent experimental demonstrations, including quantum storage of entangled telecom-wavelength photons, storage of heralded polarization qubits and finally multiplexed storage and manipulation with a time-bandwidth approaching to 1000. I will conclude my presentation with an outlook and a discussion of future directions.
1. H. de Riedmatten & M. Afzelius, arXiv:1502.00307v1 [quant-ph] (2015)
2. E. Saglamyurek et al., Nature 469, 512-515 (2011)
3. E. Saglamyurek et al., New Journal of Physics 16, 065019 (2014)
4. E. Saglamyurek et al., Nature Photonics 9, 83-87 (2015)
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