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Applied Physics Seminar

Monday November 9, 2015 4:00 PM

Mixing Light and Sound in Nanophotonic Circuits

Speaker: Peter T. Rakich, Yale University
Location: Watson 104

We explore the physics and applications of traveling-wave photon-phonon coupling in a range of new optomechanical structures. These traveling-wave interactions, often termed Brillouin interactions, are the basis for tailorable forms of signal amplification, high performance lasers, and a host of hybrid photonic-phononic signal processing applications. The ability to harness and shape such interactions on-chip has given rise powerful new technologies ranging from ultra-low noise microwave oscillators, to chip-scale gyros, to frequency agile microwave photonic filtering technologies; this nascent field, termed "Integrated Brillouin Photonics", represents an unique intersection between Optomechanics, Nonlinear Optics, and Microwave Photonics.

We describe recent progress towards the development of silicon-based Brillouin Photonics.  Using new strategies to confine both acoustic phonons and photons in hybrid photonic-phononic guided-wave structures we create artificial forms Brillouin nonlinearity. Harnessing these interactions, we demonstrate efficient amplification of light and controllable phonon emission. Building on this physics, we engineer new processing schemes based on optically addressable phonon emitters and receivers in silicon. Beyond Brillouin in silicon, we will discuss new concepts for the enhancement of photon-phonon interactions by manipulating phonon dissipation and transductive properties of materials.

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