Department of Applied Physics and Materials Science - Applied Physics



Micro Nano Fabrication Laboratory


All users are required to attend Laboratory Safety Orientation with the Caltech Safety Office prior to using the equipment in the Micro Nano Lab.

The Lab Administrator will train users about safe operation and specific safety hazards in the lab.

Each user is expected to become familiar with cross contamination issues related to fabrication and processing.

Basic Lab Safety

  • No eating, gum-chewing or drinking in the lab.
  • Do not use cell phones and other electronic devices to prevent cross-contamination
  • Shoes must fully enclose the feet (no sandals or open-toed shoes)
  • Users must wear long pants to protect legs
  • Lab coat must be completely buttoned-up
  • Wear face shield in addition to safety glasses when handling chemicals or working at chemical wet benches (fume hoods).
  • Clean up after yourself and label all personal belongings with your name and the name of you P.I.
  • Do not work alone in the lab, always plan to work with another user.

Chemical Safety

  • All chemicals used in this lab are toxic and hazardous and all users must understand the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). MSDS documents for chemicals can be found on the shelf in each lab.
  • If a user brings in a new chemical into the lab, an MSDS must be provided
  • Use bottle safety carrier for transporting chemical bottles
  • All chemical bottles must be capped and cleaned after use
  • Waste chemicals must be stored in the chemical waste bottles

Instrument Safety

  • Only use the instruments that you have been trained on
  • Always be aware of potential hazards, such as high voltage sources, laser and UV exposure from equipment