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Name Title Option Advisor
Biswas, Souvik Electro-Optic Excitations in van der Waals Materials for Active Nanophotonics APh Atwater
De Rose, Lucía Belén Nanoscale Field Emission Devices for High-Temperature and High-Frequency Operation APh Scherer
Hirokawa, Soichi Dynamics of Protein-Mediated Polymer Coupling and their Implications in Antibody Production and Emergent Patterning APh Phillips
Mohamed Soliman, Ahmed BICEP Array Detectors and Instrumentation at 30/40 GHz: Design, Performance, and Deployment to the South Pole for Constraining Primordial Gravitational Waves APh Bock
Pilgram, Nickolas Hovanec Production and Characterization of Ytterbium Monohydroxide (YbOH) for Next-Generation Parity and Time-Reversal Violating Physics Searches APh Hutzler
Polski, Robert Michael Electronic Correlations and Topology in Graphene Moiré Multilayers and InAs/GaSb-Derivative Systems APh Nadj-Perge
Wang, Linghui Ion Transport in Temperature Sensitive Polyelectrolytes APh Daraio
Zhang, Xueyue Superconducting Circuit Architectures Based on Waveguide Quantum Electrodynamics APh Painter
Ardizzi, Anthony Joseph Self-Heating of HEMT Low-Noise Amplifiers in Liquid Cryogenic Environments and the Limits of Microwave Noise Performance APh Minnich, Schwab
Banker, Jash Haren Photonic and Phononic Band Gap Engineering for Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics and Quantum Transduction APh Painter
Bauser, Haley Coddington High Contrast Nanophotonics for Scalable Photovoltaics and Solar Fuels APh Atwater
Ferreira, Vinicius Thaddeu dos Santos Waveguide Quantum Electrodynamics with Superconducting Slow-Light Waveguide Circuits APh Painter
Jahelka, Phillip Robert Progress in Low-Cost Gallium Arsenide Solar Cells APh Atwater
Kim, Eun Jong Waveguide Quantum Electrodynamics in Superconducting Circuits APh Painter
Park, Jinsoo Spin-Phonon Interactions and Spin Decoherence from First Principles APh Bernardi
Szoke, Szilard Entangled Photon Interferometry: Development of Photonic Systems Towards Quantum Spectroscopy APh Cushing
Welch, Alexandra Justine Understanding and Optimizing the Local Catalyst Environment in CO₂ Reduction Electrodes APh Atwater
White, Nicholas Conlan Nonlinear Dynamics and Stability of Viscous Free-Surface Microcapillary Flows in V-Shaped Channels and on Curved Surfaces APh Troian
Wong, Joeson Optoelectronic Physics and Engineering of Atomically Thin Photovoltaics APh Atwater
Kafaie Shirmanesh, Ghazaleh Electro-Optically Tunable Metasurfaces for a Comprehensive Control of Properties of Light APh Atwater
Kim, Taeyong Investigation of Transport Phenomena of Thermal Acoustic Excitations in Semi-Crystalline and Amorphous Materials Using Transient Grating Spectroscopy APh Minnich
Lin, Wei-Hsiang Synthesis of 2D Quantum Materials for Nanoelectronic and Nanophotonic Applications APh Atwater, Yeh
Shen, Boqiang Applications and Integration of Optical Frequency Combs APh Vahala
Wang, Heming Kerr Solitons and Brillouin Lasers in Optical Microresonators APh Vahala
Ye, Erika Reducing Computational Costs for Many-Body Physics Problems APh Chan, Minnich
Zhang, Zhewei Hybrid Si/III-V Lasers for Next-generation Coherent Optical Communication APh Yariv
Albertson, Theodore Glenn Simulations of Conic Cusp Formation, Growth, and Instability in Electrified Viscous Liquid Metals on Flat and Curved Surfaces APh Troian
Allmaras, Jason Paul Modeling and Development of Superconducting Nanowire Single-Photon Detectors APh Schwab
Arora, Harpreet Singh Superconductivity in Graphene Hetero-Structures: From Fundamental Physics to Functional Devices APh Nadj-Perge
Craiciu, Ioana Quantum Storage of Light Using Nanophotonic Resonators Coupled to Erbium Ion Ensembles APh Faraon
Deshpande, Tejas Makarand Development of Tools for Probing Order in Single Crystals Using Electron and Photon Spectroscopy APh Hsieh
Fang, Michael Tianyu Suspended Trace Air-Gap Resonators for Low Loss Superconducting Circuits APh Painter
Luan, Xingsheng Towards Atom Assembly on Nanophotonic Structures with Optical Tweezers APh Kimble
Luo, Jie Integrating Quantum Optical and Superconducting Circuits with Quantum Acoustics for Scalable Quantum Network and Computation APh Painter
Marshall, Ryan Scott Developing Plasma Spectroscopy and Imaging Diagnostics to Understand Astrophysically-Relevant Plasma Experiments: Megameters, Femtometers, and Everything in Between APh Bellan
Mitskovets, Anna Using DNA Origami to Create Hybrid Nanophotonic Architectures for Single-Photon Emitters APh Atwater, Rothemund
Shen, Yang Phonon Anharmonicity at the Limits of Perturbation Theory APh Fultz
Tokpanov, Yury Towards Next Generation of Optoelectronics: from Quantum Plasmonics and 2D Materials to Advanced Optimization Techniques of Nanophotonic Devices APh Atwater
Wang, Chuting On-Chip Photonic Devices for Coupling to Color Centers in Silicon Carbide APh Faraon
Wongwaitayakornkul, Pakorn Dynamics of an Arched Magnetically-Twisted Current-Carrying Plasma APh Bellan
Yoon, Young Dae Probing the Progression, Properties, and Progenies of Magnetic Reconnection APh Bellan
Adalian, Dvin Artashes-Boghos Development and Dynamics of Microfabricated Enzymatic Biosensors APh Scherer
Brouillet, Jeremy Jean Graphene-Mediated Light-Matter Interaction APh Atwater
Helou, Bassam Mohamad Testing Alternative Theories of Quantum Mechanics with Optomechanics, and Effective Modes for Gaussian Linear Optomechanics APh Chen
Jhalani, Vatsal A. Light Emission and Ultrafast Carrier Dynamics in III-V Semiconductors from First Principles APh Bernardi
Kalaee, Mahmoud Superconducting Electromechanical and Nanophotonic Devices for Quantum Measurement and Conversion APh Painter
Kindem, Jonathan Miners Quantum Nanophotonics with Ytterbium in Yttrium Orthovanadate APh Faraon
Lai, Yu-Hung Microresonator Brillouin Laser Gyroscope APh Vahala
Mauser, Kelly Ann Weekley Resonant Thermoelectric Nanophotonics: Applications in Spectral and Thermal Sensing APh Atwater
Yang, Qifan Nonlinear Physics in Soliton Microcombs APh Vahala
Aasen, David Super Pivotal Categories, Fermion Condensation, and Fermionic Topological Phases APh Alicea
Brooks, Daniel James Computational Investigation of Ionic Diffusion in Polymer Electrolytes for Lithium-Ion Batteries APh Goddard
Haw, Magnus Albert Experimental and Numerical Studies of Cavities, Flows, and Waves in Arched Flux Ropes APh Bellan
Kim, Dongwan Frequency Noise Control of Heterogeneous Si/III-V Lasers APh Yariv
Oh, Dong Yoon Integrated Nonlinear Photonic Devices APh Vahala
Papadakis, Georgia Theano Optical Response in Planar Heterostructures: From Artificial Magnetism to Angstrom-Scale Metamaterials APh Atwater
Seetharam, Karthik Iyengar Thermalization in Periodically-Driven Interacting Quantum Systems APh Refael
Chu, Hao Nonlinear and Ultrafast Optical Investigations of Correlated Materials APh Hsieh
Ding, Ding Nanoscale Thermal Transport with Photons and Phonons APh Minnich
Kher, Aditya Shreyas Superconducting Nonlinear Kinetic Inductance Devices APh Zmuidzinas
Miyazono, Evan Tsugio Nanophotonic Resonators for Optical Quantum Memories based on Rare-Earth-Doped Materials APh Faraon
Popescu, Paula Flor An Optofluidic Ring Resonator Platform for Rapid and Robust Sensing APh Flagan
Rufat, Dzhelil Sabahatin Spectral Exterior Calculus and Its Implementation APh Desbrun
Suh, Myoung-Gyun Nonlinear Optics in Chip-based Microresonators and their Applications APh Vahala
Yi, Xu Physics and Applications of Microresonator Solitons and Electro-optic Frequency Combs APh Vahala
Brown, Ana Maii Classical and Quantum Effects in Plasmonic Metals APh Atwater
De Lorenzo, Laura Anne Optomechanics with Superfluid Helium-4 APh Schwab
Eisler, Carissa Nicole Photonic and Device Design Principles for Ultrahigh-Efficiency (>50%), Spectrum-Splitting Photovoltaics APh Atwater
Ha, Quoc Bao Nguyen Plasma Loop and Strapping Field Dynamics: Reproducing Solar Eruptions in the Laboratory APh Bellan
Hung, Peter Shek-Ho Advanced Applications of Nanoelectromechanical Systems APh Roukes
Weinstein, Aaron Jacob Quantum Electromechanics with Two Tone Drive APh Schwab
Brown, David Ross Enhanced Thermoelectric Performance at the Superionic Phase Transitions of Mixed Ion-Electron Conducting Materials APh Snyder
Fakonas, James Spencer Quantum Interference and Entanglement of Surface Plasmons APh Atwater
Kozachkov, Henry Modifying Bulk Metallic Glasses: Composites and Configurational States APh Johnson, Hofmann
Krause, Alexander Grey Acceleration Sensing, Feedback Cooling, and Nonlinear Dynamics with Nanoscale Cavity-Optomechanical Devices APh Painter
Mauger, Lisa Mary The Phonon Thermodynamics of Iron and Cementite APh Fultz
Meenehan, Sean Michael Cavity Optomechanics at Millikelvin Temperatures APh Painter
Narang, Prineha Light-Matter Interactions in Semiconductors and Metals: From Nitride Optoelectronics to Quantum Plasmonics APh Atwater, Lewis
Vilenchik, Yaakov Narrow-Linewidth Si/III-V Lasers: a Study of Laser Dynamics and Nonlinear Effects APh Yariv
Zhai, Xiang Experimental, Numerical and Analytical Studies of the MHD-Driven Plasma Jet, Instabilities and Waves APh Bellan
Jones, Daniel Lawson III Sequence-Function Relationships in E. coli Transcriptional Regulation APh Phillips
Kim, Kun Woo Electronic States in Disordered Topological Insulators APh Refael
Lan, Tian Studies of Phonon Anharmonicity in Solids APh Fultz
Burgos, Stanley P. Coupled Plasmonic Systems and Devices: Applications in Visible Metamaterials, Nanophotonic Circuits, and CMOS Imaging APh Atwater
Chen, Tong Ultralow-Loss Silica Resonators and Waveguides on a Silicon Chip APh Vahala
Deceglie, Michael Gardner Advanced Silicon Solar Cell Device Physics and Design APh Atwater
Hill, Jeffrey Thomas Nonlinear Optics and Wavelength Translation Via Cavity-Optomechanics APh Painter
Hong, Ting Brownian Thermal Noise in Interferometric Gravitational Wave Detectors and Single Photon Optomechanics APh Chen
Jang, Min Seok Plasmonics and Electron Optics in Graphene APh Atwater
Li, Jiang Nonlinear Optics in Planar Silica-on-Silicon Disk Resonators APh Vahala
Safavi-Naeini, Amir Hossein Quantum Optomechanics with Silicon Nanostructures APh Painter
Turner-Evans, Daniel B. Wire Array Photovoltaics APh Atwater
Vasilyev, Arseny The Optoelectronic Swept-Frequency Laser and Its Applications in Ranging, Three-Dimensional Imaging, and Coherent Beam Combining of Chirped-Seed Amplifiers APh Yariv
Miller, Gerald Matthew Electron Transport in Silicon Nanocrystal Devices: From Memory Applications to Silicon Photonics APh Atwater
Moser, Auna Louise Dynamics of Magnetically Driven Plasma Jets: An Instability of an Instability, Gas Cloud Impacts, Shocks, and Other Deformations APh Bellan
Standley, Brian Lawrence Graphene as a Platform for Novel Nanoelectronic Devices APh Bockrath
Stenson, Eve Virginia Fields, Forces, and Flows: What Laboratory Experiments Reveal About the Dynamics of Arched Plasma Structures APh Bellan
Hariadi, Rizal Fajar Non-Equilibrium Dynamics of DNA Nanotubes APh Winfree
Van Valen, David Ashley Case Studies in Quantitative Biology: Biochemistry on a Leash and a Single-Molecule Hershey-Chase Experiment APh Phillips
Walavalkar, Sameer Sudhir Optical, Mechanical, and Electronic Properties of Etched Silicon Nanopillars APh Scherer
Henry, Michael David ICP Etching of Silicon for Micro and Nanoscale Devices APh Scherer
Rosenberg, Jessie C. Applications of Micro/Nanoscale Optical Resonators: Plasmonic Photodetectors and Double-Disk Cavity Optomechanics APh Painter
Shearn, Michael Joseph, II Silicon Integrated Optics: Fabrication and Characterization APh Scherer
Sun, Xiankai Supermode Si/III-V Lasers and Circular Bragg Lasers APh Yariv
Axelrod, Blake Waters Single Cell Pico Force Microscopy: A Novel Tool for High Resolution Measurement of Cell Forces APh Roukes
Chiu, Hsin-Ying Thermal Properties and Nanoelectromechanical System Based on Carbon Nanotubes APh Bockrath
Deshpande, Vikram Vijay One-Dimensional Physics of Interacting Electrons and Phonons in Carbon Nanotubes APh Bockrath
Dicken, Matthew James Active Oxide Nanophotonics APh Atwater
Dionne, Jennifer Anne Flatland Photonics: Circumventing Diffraction with Planar Plasmonic Architectures APh Atwater
Johnson, Thomas James Silicon Microdisk Resonators for Nonlinear Optics and Dynamics APh Painter
Kayes, Brendan Melville Radial pn Junction, Wire Array Solar Cells APh Atwater, Lewis
Kumar, Deepak Experimental Investigations of Magnetohydrodynamic Plasma Jets APh Bellan
Leong, Peter Anthony Computational Challenges in High-Resolution Cryo-Electron Microscopy APh Jensen
Li, John Jian-Zhong Study of Liquid Metals by Electrostatic Levitation APh Johnson, Rhim
Michael, Christopher Paul Optical Material Characterization Using Microdisk Cavities APh Painter
Perahia, Raviv Investigation and Application of Microscale Semiconductor Lasers and Cavities APh Painter
Ursell, Tristan Scott Stretching the Definition of a Lipid Bilayer: Elasticity's Role in Protein and Lipid Organization APh Phillips
Ayalasomayajula, Meher Kiran Prakash Theoretical Studies of Single Molecule Biophysical Systems and Photochemical Ensembles APh Marcus
Gao, Jiansong The Physics of Superconducting Microwave Resonators APh Zmuidzinas
Han, Lin In vitro DNA Mechanics in Gene Regulation: One Molecule at a Time APh Phillips
Heo, Jinseong Probing Electronic Properties of Carbon Nanotubes APh Bockrath
Kumar, Shwetank Submillimeter Wave Camera Using A Novel Photon Detector Technology APh Zmuidzinas
Lee, Wonhee Microfluidic Chip Calorimeters for Biological Applications APh Roukes
Liang, Wei Study of Optical Phase Lock Loops and the Applications in Coherent Beam Combining and Coherence Cloning APh Yariv
Mattson, Matthew Sanford Understanding and Treating Eye Diseases: Mechanical Characterization and Photochemical Modification of the Cornea and Sclera APh Kornfield
Seitaridou, Effrosyni Non-Equilibrium Dynamics: Diffusion in Small Numbers and Ribosomal Self-Assembly APh Phillips
Sweatlock, Luke A. Plasmonics: Numerical Methods and Device Applications APh Atwater
Yun, Gunsu Soonshin Dynamics of Plasma Structures Interacting with External and Self-Generated Magnetic Fields APh Bellan
Armani, Andrea Martin APh Vahala
Au, John King-Tai An Ab Initio Approach to the Inverse Problem-Based Design of Photonic Bandgap Devices APh Mabuchi
Balagaddé, Frederick Kiguli Microfluidic Technologies for Continuous Culture and Genetic Circuit Characterization APh Quake
Bao, Xiaoyan Robert Lost in a Crowd: Observations of Single DNA Knots and Single Mammalian Cells APh Quake, Simon
Barclay, Paul Edward Fiber Coupled Nanophotonic Devices for Nonlinear Optics and Cavity QED APh Painter
Fingler, Jeffrey Paul Motion Contrast Using Optical Coherence Tomography APh Fraser
Li, Mo Very High Frequency Nanoelectromechanical Resonators and their Chemical Sensing Applications APh Roukes
Masmanidis, Sotirios Konstantinos Piezoelectric and Magnetoelastic Strain in the Transduction and Frequency Control of Nanomechanical Resonators APh Roukes
Pracko, Steven Edmund Laser Induced Fluorescence Measurements of Spheromak Plasmas APh Bellan
Richardson, Christine Esber Low-Temperature Hot-Wire Chemical Vapor Deposition of Epitaxial Films for Large-Grained Polycrystalline Photovoltaic Devices APh Atwater
Ruglovsky, Jennifer Lynn Correlating Microscopic Ferroelectric Properties and Macroscopic Thin Film Device Performance APh Atwater
Walters, Robert Joseph Silicon Nanocrystals for Silicon Photonics APh Atwater
Baehr-Jones, Tom Wetteland Novel Modulation and Detection Mechanisms in Silicon Nanophotonics APh Scherer
Borselli, Matthew Gregory High-Q Microresonators as Lasing Elements for Silicon Photonics APh Painter
Feng, Tao Silicon Nanocrystal Charging Dynamics and Memory Device Applications APh Atwater
Hochberg, Michael Integrated Ultrafast Nonlinear Optical Devices in Silicon APh Scherer
Maune, Brett Michael Fluidic and Polymeric Integration and Functionalization of Optical Microresonators APh Scherer
Min, Bumki Ultrahigh–Q Microtoroid On-Chip Resonators for Low Threshold Microlasers APh Vahala
Rokhsari Azar, Hossein High-Q Microcavities: Optomechanical Nonlinearities, Measurement Techniques and Applications APh Vahala
Srinivasan, Kartik Semiconductor Optical Microcavities for Chip-Based Cavity QED APh Painter
van Dam, Robert Michael Solvent-Resistant Elastomeric Microfluidic Devices and Applications APh Quake
Vyawahare, Saurabh Manipulating Fluids: Advances in Micro-Fluidics, Opto-Fluidics and Fluidic Self-Assembly APh Scherer
Yang, Ya-Tang Phase Noise of Nanoelectromechanical Systems APh Roukes
Paloczi, George T. Polymer Integrated Optics: Device Architectures and Fabrication Methods APh Yariv
Pintgen, Florian Peter Detonation Diffraction in Mixtures with Various Degrees of Instability APh Shepherd
Yang, Lan Fabrication and Characterization of Microlasers by the Sol-Gel Method APh Vahala
Fon, Warren Chung Wah Thermal Properties of Nano- and Microstructures APh Roukes
Hansen, Carl Lars Genghis Microfluidic Technologies for Structural Biology APh Quake
Kartalov, Emil Paskalev Single-Molecule Detection and DNA Sequencing-by-Synthesis APh Quake
Kippenberg, Tobias Jan August Nonlinear Optics in Ultra-High-Q Whispering-Gallery Optical Microcavities APh Vahala
Mason, Maribeth Swiatek Synthesis of Large-Grained Polycrystalline Silicon by Hot-Wire Chemical Vapor Deposition for Thin Film Photovoltaic Applications APh Atwater
Spillane, Sean Michael Fiber-Coupled Ultra-High-Q Microresonators for Nonlinear and Quantum Optics APh Vahala
Cartoixà Soler, Xavier Theoretical Methods for Spintronics in Semiconductors with Applications APh McGill
Maier, Stefan Alexander Guiding of Electromagnetic Energy in Subwavelength Periodic Metal Structures APh Atwater
Preisler, Edward James Investigation of Novel Semiconductor Heterostructure Systems: I. Cerium Oxide/Silicon Heterostructures. II. 6.1 Å Semiconductor-Based Avalanche Photodiodes APh McGill
Santamore, Deborah Hannah Quantum Transport and Dynamics of Phonons in Mesoscopic Systems APh Cross
Halverson, Nils William A Measurement of the Cosmic Microwave Background Angular Power Spectrum with DASI APh Carlstrom
Ragan, Regina Direct Energy Bandgap Group IV Alloys and Nanostructures APh Atwater
Spence, Charles Frederick Nanobiology: Halting Steps into a Portion of Richard Feynman 's Vision APh Quake
Sverdrup, Lawrence Henry Lower Hybrid Current Drive Experiments on the Encore Tokamak APh Vreeland, Bellan
Bhardwaj, Ashish Ishwar Singh All-Optical Logic Circuits Based on the Polarization Properties of Non-Degenerate Four-Wave Mixing APh Vahala
Boer, Elizabeth A. Synthesis, Passivation and Charging of Silicon Nanocrystals APh Libbrecht
Bossuyt, Sven Cecile Rene Microstructure and Crystallization Behavior in Bulk Glass Forming Alloys APh Johnson
Chen, Claudine Minnie Polycrystalline Silicon Thin Films for Photovoltaics APh Atwater
Good, Nathan Ray The Influence of Texture on the Magnetoelastic Properties of Polycrystalline TbDy Alloys APh Fultz
Hansen, John Freddy Laboratory simulations of solar prominences APh Bellan
Hill, Cory James Investigation of spin injection and optical imaging with scanning probe microscopy techniques APh McGill
Provenzano, Dan Raymond From semiconductor lasers to fiber Bragg grating lasers in optical communications APh Yariv
Bandić, Zvonimir Z. Novel devices employing epitaxial wide bandgap semiconductors : physics, electronics and materials characterization APh McGill, McCaldin
Lee, Reginald K. Lasing and modified spontaneous emission in photonic crystal structures and microcavities APh Yariv, Scherer
Lu, Daqi Theoretical studies of the nonlinear optical properties of organic materials APh Goddard
Yee, Jimmy Experimental investigations in spheromaks : injection into a tokamak and formation in an unbounded environment APh Bellan
Alonzo, Alicia Cristina Effects of geometry on the wet thermal oxidation of aluminum arsenide APh McGill
Bridger, Paul M. Development of apertureless microscopy and force microscopy of GaN and CeO22 APh McGill
Cheng, Xiao-chang Investigation of new devices and characterization techniques in the III-V semiconductor system APh McGill
Monzon, Franklin Gregory Semiconductor magnetoelectronics and prospects for a spin transistor APh Roukes
Paiella, Roberto Physics and application of four-wave mixing in semiconductor optical amplifiers APh Vahala
Piquette, Eric C. Molecular beam heteroepitaxial growth and characterization of wide band gap semiconductor films and devices APh McGill
Bachman, David Alan Nonlinear phenomena in a pure electron plasma studied with a 2-D fluid code APh Gould
Camata, Renato Penha Aerosol synthesis and characterization of silicon nanocrystals APh Atwater, Vahala, Flagan
Engin, Doruk Nonlinear spatial dynamics of double phase conjugation in photorefractive crystals and holographic dynamics of photopolymerization APh Yariv, Cross
Frank, Timothy S. Computing with spiking neurons APh Burdick
Hunziker, Guido H. Spectroscopy and wavelength conversion by four-wave mixing in semiconductor optical amplifers APh Vahala
Sanders, Steven Jay Plasma ion dynamics in large-amplitude drift waves : stochasticity, collisions, orbit loss, and recycling APh Bellan
Springfield, Christopher D. Development of an object-oriented infrared imaging system simulator and its application to multi-spectral infrared imaging APh McGill
Tong, Xiaolin Properties and applications of potassium lithium tantalate niobate APh Yariv
Wang, Chun-Ming Image enhancement with two-photon laser scanning microscopy APh Fraser, Wayland
Bakke, Eric Viscosity measurements of bulk metallic glass forming alloys APh Johnson
Capewell, Dale L. Planar Laser Induced Fluorescence Imaging and Monte Carlo Simulations of Pulsed Laser Ablation APh Goodwin
Feng, Jing Frequency chirp and spectral dynamics in semiconductor lasers APh Yariv
Geraghty, David Francis Investigation of wavelength conversion by four-wave mixing in semiconductor optical amplifiers APh Vahala
Jonscher, Karen Rae Quadrupole ion trap mass spectrometry of peptides APh Hood, Yates
Lee, Robert Bumju All-Optical Wavelength Conversion by Four-Wave Mixing in a Semiconductor Optical Amplifier APh Vahala
Lin, Xianghong Bulk Glass Formation and Crystallization of Zr-Ti Based Alloys APh Johnson
Marshall, William K. Dynamics of Amplitude and Phase in Semiconductor Lasers and Effects of Propagation in Dispersive Optical Fibers APh Yariv
Melnik, M. Susan Diamond surfaces : interactions with hydrogen and halogens APh Goddard, Goodwin
Shcheglov, Kirill Vadim Synthesis, optical and electronic properties of group IV semiconductor nanocrystals APh Atwater
Xu, Yuanjian Quantum well intersubband transition detection and modulation APh Yariv
Demiralp, Ersan Prediction of structures and properties for organic superconductors APh Goddard
Heikal, Ahmed Abdou Ultrafast molecular dynamics in complexed trans-stilbene APh Zewail
Hua, Xinlei First principles simulations : development of new density functionals and pseudopotentials and formation mechanism of fullerenes APh Goddard
O'Brien, John David Design, growth, and characterization of vertical cavity surface emitting lasers APh Yariv, Scherer
Pettersson, Per-Olov Silicon heterojunctions APh McGill
Tsai, Charles Su-Chang Optoelectronic structure fabrication by organometallic vapor-phase epitaxy and selective epitaxy APh Vahala, Scherer
Almogy, Gilad Quantum Well Intersubband Transitions: Nonlinear Optics, Refractive Index and Infrared Modulation APh Yariv
Iannelli, John M. Coherence and spectral properties of composite-cavity semiconductor lasers APh Yariv
Kewitsch, Anthony S. Part I. Optically induced, ferroelectric domain gratings in photorefractive crystals and applications to nonlinear optics. Part II. Self-focusing and self-trapping of optical beams upon photopolymerization and applications to microfabrication APh Yariv
Kitching, John E. Quantum noise reduction in semiconductor lasers using dispersive optical feedback APh Yariv
Leifer, Stephanie D. Characterization of fullerenes for electrostatic propulsion applications APh Goodwin
Levy, Harold Application and integration of quantum-effect devices for cellular VLSI APh McGill
Liu, Yixin Quantum tunneling, field induced injecting contact, and excitons APh McGill
Marquardt, Ronald R. Quantum magnetotransport studies of semiconductor heterostructure devices APh McGill
Miles, Robert J. Microprobe investigations of semiconductor structures APh McGill
Murty, M. V. Ramana Ion-surface interactions and limits to silicon epitaxy at low temperatures APh Atwater
Reid, Jason S. Amorphous ternary diffusion barriers for silicon metallizations APh Nicolet
Swenberg, Johanes F. N. Development of wide-bandgap II-VI semiconductor light-emitting device technology based on the graded injector design APh McGill
Wang, Michael Wei-Ching Graded injector, wide bandgap light emitters and XPS studies of the InAs/GaSb heterointerface APh McGill
Zhou, Jianhui Four-wave mixing in semiconductor optical amplifiers for terahertz spectroscopy and wavelength conversion APh Vahala
Langlois, Jean-Marc New methods for ab initio quantum mechanical calculations in molecular and crystalline systems APh Goddard
Li, Mo Crystal to Glass Transition and its Relation to Melting APh Goddard, Johnson
Park, Namkyoo Application of fiber amplifiers to fiber lasers and terahertz spectroscopy APh Vahala
Shin, Jung Hoon Defects in amorphous silicon : dynamics and role on crystallization APh Atwater
Willette, Gregory Thomas Stochastic excitation of the solar oscillations by turbulent convection APh Goldreich
Yvon, Pascal Metastable phases in the aluminum-germanium alloy system. Synthesis by mechanical alloying and pressure induced transformations APh Johnson
Zhao, Bin Threshold and Dynamics in Semiconductor Quantum Well Lasers APh Yariv
Bailey, Andrew Dewey Drift wave ion fluid velocity field measured by planar laser induced fluorescence APh Bellan
Bourzutschky, Marc S. Complex dynamics in systems with many degrees of freedom APh Cross
Dawson, Jay W. Single and multiple frequency fiber lasers APh Vahala
Eng, Lars E. Low threshold current strained InGaAs/AlGaAs quantum well lasers APh Yariv
Grave, Ilan GaAs quantum well devices for detection and nonlinear optics in the mid-infrared APh Yariv
Hofmeister, Rudolf Growth and applications of photorefractive potassium lithium tantalate niobate (KLTN) APh Yariv
Iinoya, Fujio Pulsed expansion of plasma in a magnetic thruster APh Culick
Lee, David Soong-Hua Thermodynamic and structural aspects of equilibrium and mechanically milled YBa2Cu3O6+delta powder APh Johnson
Neugebauer, Charles F. Parallel analog computation with charge coupled devices APh Yariv, Mead
Okamoto, James Kozo Temperature-dependent extended electron energy loss fine structure measurements from K, L23, and M45 edges in metals, intermetallic alloys, and nanocrystalline materials APh Fultz
Askenazy, Philip Douglas Deformation-induced amorphization of Cu-Ti intermetallics APh Johnson
Karasawa, Naoki Simulations of polymer crystals : new methods and applications APh Goddard
Krill, Carl Emil Instabilities in nonequilibrium solid solutions with respect to amorphization and melting APh
Lysek, Mark Joseph A thermodynamic study of layering and capillary condensation of methane adsorbed on graphite foam APh Goodstein
Pearson, Douglas Harvey Measurements of white lines in transition metals and alloys using electron energy loss spectrometry APh Fultz
Sanders, Steven Passive mode-locking and millimeter-wave modulation of quantum well lasers APh Yariv
Sercel, Peter C. Semiconductor structures in the quantum size regime APh Vahala, Atwater, Flagan
Bai, Gang I. Heteroepitaxy on Si. II. Ion implantation in Si and heterostructures APh Nicolet, Vreeland
Croke, Edward Timothy, III Growth and Characterization of Si-Based Electronic Materials for Novel Device Applications APh McGill
Jackson, Michael Kevin Optical studies of semiconductor heterostructures: measurements of tunneling times, and studies of strained superlattices APh McGill
Kittl, Jorge A. Growth and characterization of Y-BA-CU-O high-Tc superconductor thin films APh Johnson
Leyva, Victor Investigations of the photorefractive effect in potassium tantalum niobate APh Yariv
Miller, Paul Lewis Mixing in high Schmidt number turbulent jets APh Dimotakis
Mutz, Andrew Howard Heterogeneous shock energy deposition in shock wave consolidation of metal powders APh Vreeland
Newkirk, Michael Avery Investigations of semiconductor laser modulation dynamics and field fluctuations APh Vahala
Rajakarunanayake, Yasantha Nirmal Optical properties of Si-Ge superlattices and wide band gap II-VI superlattices APh McGill
Stern, Jeffrey Aaron Fabrication and testing of NbN/MgO/NbN tunnel junctions for use as high-frequency heterodyne detectors APh Phillips
Yu, Edward Tsu-Wei Physics and applications of semiconductor heterostructures : I. Measurement of band offsets in semiconductor heterojunctions. II. Theoretical and experimental studies of tunneling in semiconductor heterostructure devices APh McGill
Baskin, John Spencer Real-Time Observation and Analysis of Coherence and Alignment in Molecular Systems: Isolated Molecules and Chemical Reactions APh Zewail, Bellan
Brady, David Jones Photorefractive Volume Holography in Artificial Neural Networks APh Psaltis, Bellan
Chen, Howard ZeHua GaAs/AlₓGa₁₋ₓAs Quantum Well Lasers Grown on GaAs and Si by Molecular Beam Epitaxy APh Yariv, Bellan
Nikzad, Shouleh A study of ion beam sputtering of compound materials with laser spectroscopy APh Tombrello
Paslaski, Joel Stephen High Speed Optoelectronics: Photodiodes, Q-Switched Laser Diode and Photoconductive Sampling APh Yariv, Vahala
Sayano, Koichi Photorefractive properties of ferroelectric materials for optical phase conjugation, two-beam coupling, and holographic storage APh Yariv
Vu, Hoanh Xuan Plasma collection by an obstacle APh Gould
Xiong, Fulin Characterization and application of MeV ion implanted layers in III-V compound semiconductors APh
Zarem, Hal Investigations of quantum wires, carrier diffusion lengths, and carrier lifetimes in GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructures APh Yariv, Vahala
Chow, David Hsingkuo Growth, Characterization, and Simulation of Novel Semiconductor Tunnel Structures APh McGill, Bellan
Derry, Pamela Louise Properties of Buried Heterostructure Single Quantum Well (Al,Ga)As Lasers APh Yariv, Bellan
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